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    תאריך יציאה 01 דצמבר 2017
    מפיץ Bigmoon Entertainment
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    Demons Age is a classical Role-playing game, designed to be a modern successor of grate classic videogames such as Baldur's Gate and The Temple of Elemental Evil. Despite Demons Age being highly inspired in D&D projects such ToEE, Chaos Chronicles or Baldur's Gate, follows its own perspective on a whole new fictional world. Bigmoon took the artistic freedom to innovate, create new fictional locations, interesting characters, a captivating plot, and a whole new world to discover, experience, and gameplay.


    1. Use a comprehensive editor to setup your character.

    2. Look around for Inns where you can hire a party of diverse characters to help you on your quests.

    3. However be careful… each character you hire has their background story and their own agenda. They may be loyal or they can betray you.

    4. Look for side quests in the Inn's notice boards.

    5. Explore the ruins and dungeons of the old kingdom of Moragon.

    6. Meet a diversity of characters with original voice acting.

    7. Find and equip weapons and items and manage your inventory.

    8. Solve puzzles that will allow the progression of your adventure.

    9. Experience the day/night cycle as you travel through Moragon World Map.

    10. Rest your team using the existing Inns or campsites.

    11. Be prepared for random encounters that play differently whether it's night or day.

    12. Bring your enemies down in turn-based combat.

    13. Level up your character and party to unlock better skills and/or spells.

    14. Experience a gripping RPG where danger lurks in every corner.

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    פלאטפורמה: PC
    מוציא לאור: Bigmoon Entertainment
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    תאריך יציאה: 01 דצמבר 2017
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