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    Travel back to the days of Ancient China, when warring kingdoms strove for complete domination. Dynasty Warriors 9 is another historical action game by Tecmo/Koei letting you take control of one of dozens of characters taken from Chinese history and epics like The Romance of Three Kingdoms. Slay enemy grunt by the score, challenge officers and other heroes, become a legend.

    Massive battles

    Like in every musou game, in Dynasty Warriors 9 you are a god of the battlefield, laying waste to entire squads of regular soldiers with every swipe of your weapon and every arrow shot. Fight through swarms of enemies and open up the way for your army to capture strategic objectives, defeat opposing leaders, or sever supply lines.If your killcount isn't in the thousands by the time you're done with a battle, you're doing it wrong.

    Open world for the first time

    For the first time in the franchise’s history the players are allowed to freely roam the massive expanses of Ancient China, populated with cities and towns, rivers, and enemy outposts to capture and turn to your service. Travel on foot, boat, or on horseback as you please, discovering hidden resources, or just exploring the beautiful world recreateded by the developers.

    History meets legend

    Dynasty Warriors 9 (PC) follows the historical events to the point where it would take away from the experience. Become a hero of Wei, Wu, Shu, or Jin kingdom and fight for your country's supremacy. Become and fight alongside heroes and generals, commemorated in documents and culture, like Guan Yu, Liu Bei, or Cao Cao. Follow the tumultuous events which shaped China for centuries to come and play your part in the conflicts and watch kingdom borders change as time progresses to reflect them.

    Dynamic and responsive combat system

    Dynasty Warriors 9 gameplay is a blend of exploring a massive world and fighting your way through armies of enemies, this time with a system revamping the classic Dynasty Warriors charge system.Unleash powerful trigger attacks to open your foes for more damage, follow up with flow attacks, adjusting your combos to the position and status of your enemies, and finish up with squad-devastating finishers.Dynasty Warriors gameplay has never looked better than it does in DW9.

    Huge playable roster

    The roster of Dynasty Warriors 9 includes all 83 characters you remember from Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires and several newcomers, all divided between four main factions: Wei, Wu, Shu, Jin, and a smaller unaligned group. With even up to 23 heroes per faction, DW9 offers hours of gameplay to spend on improving each character, learning their movesets, and following their arc in the story.

    Key features

    Dynasty Warriors 9 is the first open-world entry into a long-running franchise inspired by legends and historical conflicts. Become a hero from the era of the warring kingdoms, singlehandedly carve a bloody path through armies of enemies, and make your country rule supreme in the end.

    Dynasty Warriors 9 features

    1. Massive roster - Dynasty Warriors 9 has a roster of nearly a hundred characters, drawn from Chinese history and legends

    2. Open-world setting - explore the large map showcasing the battlefields and contentious areas of the ancient China. Fight for towns and cities, rupture supply lines, find resources for your personal goals

    3. Revamped combat system - say goodbye to the classic charge system, because state combos are in this year. Unleash specialised attacks, see them reflect enemy positioning, devastate entire armies

    4. Incredible killcounts - it's Dynasty Warriors, so prepare to have well over a thousand kills to your name before any given battle finishes. No mere foot soldier can hope to stop you

    5. Story Mode - take part in an epic conflict which gave birth to the Chinese empire, and see for yourself how it changed the land and people

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    תאריך יציאה: 13 פברואר 2018
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