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    תאריך יציאה 30 נובמבר 2017
    מפיץ Aerosoft GmbH
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    Includes 6 items: Fernbus Simulator, Fernbus Simulator - Anniversary Repaint Package, Fernbus Simulator - Comfort Class HD, Fernbus Simulator - Multimedia Package, Fernbus Simulator - Usedom, Fernbus Simulator Add-On - Neoplan Skyliner

    Now the popular remote bus simulator, which was developed in co-operation with FlixBus, also as Platin Edition with many already contained extras like additional buses, goals, and much more. available.

    Control not only the MAN Lion's Coach, but also the ComfortClass S HD or the touring coach - the Neoplan Skyliner - safely over 2000km of mobile track, day and night and all year round, equivalent to a real distance of 20,000km , Inside the buses you will find authentic cockpits with many functions, the exterior designs of the buses can be selected thanks to the included repaint package.

    This Platinum Edition contains more than 40 cities such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne or Frankfurt and over 20 attractions including the add-on Usedom, with which you can now drive your passengers in the popular holiday region.

    For entertainment while driving, the Multimedia Package is also available. This contains not only an ad-free radio but also an interactive traffic information system, a weather forecast and more than 70 licensed songs from pop, hip-hop, RnB and many more.

    A route planner to create your own lines and the interactive passenger check-in are of course included and immerse you in the everyday life of a coach driver.


        Incl. DLCs ​​Neoplan Skyliner, ComfortClass HD, Anniversary Repaint Package, Multimedia Package, Usedom
        In cooperation with FlixBus
        Different bus types:
        Original MAN touring coaches Lion's Coach, Lion's Coach C, Neoplan Skyliner, ComfortClass S HD in five variants (ComfortClass S 515 HD, 516 HD / 2, 516 HD, 517 HD, 519 HD)
        4 repaints (winter, France, Italy, Netherlands) incl. 3 variants for all bus models
        Multimedia Package: Advertising-free radio, over 70 licensed songs, full radio moderation with jingles, interactive traffic information and weather forecast, time announcement and small talk
        Over 40 German cities, including:
            Frankfurt am Main
            Usedom incl. Peenebrücke Wolgast
        20 sights
        2000 km of mobile track, equivalent to a real track length of 20,000 km
        Detailed bus cockpit with extensive functions
        Complex motorway and country road network on 5000km² area
        Dynamic weather with four seasons, night driving
        Animated incoming and outgoing passengers
        Extensive evaluation tool
        True to the original announcements
        Traffic jams, accidents and construction sites
        Check-in and ticket sales at the driver
        Free ride mode
        20 Steam Achievements

    מולטיפלייר: no
    פלאטפורמה: PC
    מוציא לאור: Aerosoft GmbH
    תאריך יציאה: 30 נובמבר 2017
    דרישות מערכת: Here
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    English, German*, French, Polish, Russian, Portuguese-Brazil, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian   (* = Full audio support)

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