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  • ז'אנר ספורט
    מולטיפלייר כן
    תאריך יציאה 13 ספטמבר 2017
    מפיץ Konami Digital Entertainment
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    במלאי יישלח תוך 5 דקות עד שעתיים
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    גרסאות נוספות

    Notice: This version does not work in India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Malaysia

    PES 2018 new features:

    • Gameplay Masterclass – Strategic Dribbling, Real Touch+ and new set pieces take the unrivalled gameplay to the next level
    • Presentation Overhaul – New menus and real player images
    • PES League Integration – Compete with PES League in new modes including myClub
    • Online Co-op -A mode dedicated to co-op play is newly added
    • Random Selection Match – Fan favourite returns with new presentation and features
    • Master League Upgrade – New pre-season tournaments, improved transfer system, presentations and functionality
    • Enhanced Visual Reality – New lighting, reworked player models and animations covering everything from facial expressions to body movement to bring the game to life

    מולטיפלייר: yes
    פלאטפורמה: PC
    מוציא לאור: Konami Digital Entertainment
    אתר בית: ליחצו כאן
    תאריך יציאה: 13 ספטמבר 2017
    דרישות מערכת: Here
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    English*, French*, Italian*, German*, Spanish*, Arabic*, Dutch, Greek*, Korean, Portuguese*, Portuguese-Brazil*, Russian, Simplified Chinese*, Swedish, Traditional Chinese*, Turkish, Japanese*   (* = Full audio support)

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    ביקורות משתמשים
    1 ביקורות
    Jul 18, 2018 22:03
    Great football simulation
    PES 2018 is a great football game, and it is the closest you can get to real football with a videogame.

    Good simulations when you adjust the playing speed to
    Good play against the com
    Good vs paly against other palyers when servers work

    Servers are sometimes slow or offline, and fewer players than with FIFA
    Too few real teams
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    1 ביקורות
    Mar 16, 2018 22:52
    PES 2018 is a good alternative to disconnect from FIFA. The main pro for buying this game is the possibility of it graphical mods.

    Fast and easy purchase. Recommended store.
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    רוכש מאומת
    28 ביקורות
    Dec 09, 2017 21:31
    pes 2018
    pes 2018 is a very good football game,game play and graphics are really good,you need a really good graphics card to play this game otherwise it lags,have been a fan of pes games ever since they were introduced but I think pes 2017 is much better,gaming dragons have got some of the cheapest games going
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    3 ביקורות
    Nov 10, 2017 11:13
    A joke
    Do not be fooled. This is not like football (although it looks like Fifa). And I say it with knowledge of cause, because despite the marketing campaign, those of us who love the PES (the old ones) for how well it simulated each field situation will not be late in throwing this 2018 in the trash. I, for the moment, uninstalled it, and if I do not cry for the sixty euros badly spent it's because I can complain here. I know that some will think that it is a free attack by some fifero, but not by far. I will explain the reasons (football) that have made this the worst PES of all. And the most FIFA. That's why they love goal fans so much; but football is more than that. rn- Control of possession: If you compare with FIFA, the PES always won in this section, until this year. Before, if you knew how to play, you could have absolute control of the ball even with the worst player. Each command determined a type of movement that, with the exception of the rabona, never surprised you. You knew what your player was going to try. Now, with so much aesthetics that they have wanted to show, every movement can surprise you. And for those of us who like football we know that the surprise is not good, it is never good, if it entails danger. In the game of the licenses the control of the ball is had when the ball is on its way to another player. In this PES, however, not even that. R nWhat the PES players have suffered these years, watching a half-made football game, with few and unused licenses, with the lag and cheaters that abound online, with the system of shoddy balls, and the rod that the fiferos put us on that their game was prettier and more entertaining (they were always right in that), it seemed that it was going to end this year when we saw those dribbles, that rhythm, that They seemed to simulate perfectly what leather is on grass. Soon the media - and after them the buyers - pronounced themselves saying that it was the best PES (me among them), and only because it seemed prettier. Conclusions too fast, and too mediated by articles that promised football's paradise. It's a nice game, yes, to put a frame and hang it in the room, return to take out the 2017 is not going to scratch the beautiful game, and never look at Konami's face again.
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    1 ביקורות
    Sep 13, 2017 09:21
    Recibi en poco tiempo la key del juego, esperaba este juego
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