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Metacritic Score:
7.3 / 10
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    מולטיפלייר כן
    תאריך יציאה June 30, 1999
    מפיץ Xatrix Entertainment
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    במלאי יישלח תוך 5 דקות עד שעתיים
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    As a thug beaten to the brink of death you have started your mission of revenge. You want to bury those bastards six feet under for what they have done to you, but to do so you need to start your own gang and recruit right from the streets. If a new gang member turns out to be a punk, blast him, and make room for new ones. Move up in the world, but watch out for the Kingpin, eventually you're going to have to take him on.

    Somewhere in the past that never crossed paths with the future lies the world of the Kingpin. Burned out buildings and urban decay are the landscape. Local gangs roam the streets, protecting their turf and scooping out opportunities.

    Recruit a gang of thugs and rule the streets, snuff out rivals with a single head-shot and watch them bleed to death. Or put them on fire and watch them suffer. You will deliver an extremely brutal and violent death to those who messed you up. Kill everyone who stands in your way and become new Kingpin - crime lord of every thief, murderer and dirty thug in the city.

    Multiplayer issue: some of the multiplayer modes originally built into Kingpin: Life of Crime game can encounter various limitations.


    1. Bloody, brutal, swearing-heavy combat - one of the first truly adult-oriented games

    2. Impressive graphics and AI for its time

    3. An Original Soundtrack by Cypress Hill

    מולטיפלייר: yes
    פלאטפורמה: PC
    מוציא לאור: Xatrix Entertainment
    אתר בית: ליחצו כאן
    תאריך יציאה: June 30, 1999
    דרישות מערכת: Here
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    2 ביקורות משתמשים
    רוכש מאומת
    79 ביקורות
    Oct 20, 2016 12:21
    Hard game
    At the start its hard if you never played it you start with nothing just by punching them and when u find a gun or bat ten guys or one guy kills you >:( but a chanllging game thought
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    רוכש מאומת
    2 ביקורות
    Oct 03, 2015 12:42
    become the best bowler the world will ever know... wait, wrong thing.

    Start off with nothing, smash people in the face until you get some respect.
    buy guns
    shoot goons
    hire guys into your crew
    shoot more goons

    An old game that may not have aged well but is still a blast to play.

    strong violence, language, yadda yadda yadaa
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